Men’s fashion in Saudi Arabia is defined by its traditional styles and modern adaptations. The traditional clothing of Saudi Arabian men consists of two pieces: a long, loose-fitting shirt called a thawb or dishdasha, and a headscarf known as a ghutra. The thawb is usually white, cream, or light gray, and is sometimes embellished with embroidery. The ghutra is usually white and is held in place with an agal, a black band. The traditional attire is usually accessorized with a curved dagger, or jambia, and a belt.

Modern Saudi men often wear traditional garments but combine them with more contemporary styles. The traditional thawb is still worn, but is often paired with a suit jacket or denim jacket. The thawb is also sometimes worn with a simple, western-style collared shirt. Men in the larger cities often wear tailored jeans, blazers, and dress shirts.

The most popular brands for men in Saudi Arabia are Marks & Spencer, Zara, Hugo Boss, and Armani. Marks & Spencer offers a range of formal and casual wear, from suits to jeans. Zara is a popular choice for younger men, offering trendy and stylish clothing. Hugo Boss provides classic, sophisticated pieces, while Armani offers luxurious, high-end pieces.

For accessories, men in Saudi Arabia typically shop at local markets for shoes, belts, and watches. Popular brands include Zara, Gucci, and Rolex. For more formal occasions, men may wear a traditional Saudi watch known as a khamsa.

In conclusion, men’s fashion in Saudi Arabia is a mix of traditional and modern styles. Popular brands include Marks & Spencer, Zara, Hugo Boss, and Armani. For accessories, local markets are a great place to find belts, watches, and shoes. Traditional accessories, such as the jambia and khamsa, are popular for more formal occasions.