How Newness Created a Premium Bangladeshi Ecommerce Store

Electronic commerce, in a totally globalized world, gives you the opportunity to consume goods and services at any time of the day.  Newness, a fashion store in Bangladesh, managed to leverage their strategic partnerships with businesses in UAE to bring new brands to the country. Newness Limited was founded in 2018 by Neaj Morshed and has stores in Bangladesh, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. They also offer a range of other luxury products including cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, bags, clothes, and a lot more.


Here’s how Newness managed to create something unique in a burgeoning industry.


Electronic commerce is currently a consumer channel that has become more dynamic in recent years. Technological advances have allowed brands to be closer to their consumers through the new multichannel strategies that companies have developed after the appearance of different online platforms.


The reality is that the world has its sights set on the digital economy, something that brands need to take seriously. Large companies are betting on Omni channel and are becoming closer to their markets.


The online trade in a world totally globalized gives you the opportunity to consume goods and services at any time of the day, i.e., your products will be available to your users 24/7. In addition, your clients will be able to pay with their cards making more secure transactions.


In this context, if you are thinking of venturing into the world of online sales, Lingo, an electronic commerce company, defined five tips that could be of great help in building your ecommerce.

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